Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Moo-Mania - Key(s)/Lock(s)

'Love Never Fails'

I'm pleased to say that I'm really beginning to feel well again!  Finally!  Long may it last!

I've had a lovely creative morning working on a project that I hope to get published (sorry I can't share that one with you yet) and since I'm in 'the zone' I thought I'd stay put in the 'studio' and keep playing.  I find online challenges can help give me focus when I don't know what to do next, so I popped over to Moo-Mania and was pleased to see that their current theme is - Key(s)/Lock(s).  I have the perfect Darkroom Door stamp set for a theme like that!  It's called, 'Doors'.  The collage image is from Darkroom Door too!

I think one of the main 'keys' to living a happy and content life is 'love'.  If we can push away our selfishness and love one another, it seems to work wonders!  Maybe it's a simplistic view of life, but it's the one I'll try and stick to today!

Making a Moo can be a little challenging, what with the surface size only being 28mm x 70mm.  I find I need to get my fine motor-skills up and running to do the fiddly bits, which also helps me focus.  The great thing about Moos is that they are often completed in a relatively short amount of time.  If you've never made one, I'd recommend having-a-go... it just might help to blow out the cobwebs if you don't know what to do next!


froebelsternchen Susi said...

such a beautiful ROMANCE ! a wonderful ittle piece!

Thank you!

doris said...

Wonderful MOO!!

hugs doris