Thursday, 28 February 2008

I Can't Not Help But...

add this gorgeous Christmas picture of my super sweet nephew 'Sean Alexander' to my blog. He is just the most delightful little fella - full of smiles that simply melt your heart. The words on his Christmas tshirt say, "Mum's dreaming of a QUIET Christmas, just like the ones she used to know"!!!

I've been busy working on magazine projects over the school holidays, so can't show you pics of them yet :) But will get some artwork on the blog soon!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Finally I'm Back In the Land Of BLOG

Oh dear, it's been sooooo long since I've blogged! I hope at least some one out there has missed me just a wee bit ;)

I don't have any really good excuses for not blogging, except that firstly I was busy getting ready for Christmas - I managed to make quite a number of gifts for friends when school holidays began... it kept me VERY busy, but I really enjoyed being able to give handmade gifts to some of the extra special people in my life. Next it was Christmas and then I just went into complete holiday mode. Before I knew it, I was getting things ready for school and, well like I said, there's no great excuses!

I've missed checking out what all of my blogging friends have been up to, so I'm planning to have a good catch up in the next week or so.

Sephi has blessed me with a 'You Make My Day' Award. This is really special to me because it's my first blogging award. Thanks so much Sephi! Sephi really makes my day too, most days I come into work early to visit my favourite blogs and I always (when I'm in blogging land that is) check out what creative wonders Sephi has been working on.

Now it's my turn to present the 'You Make My Day' Award to 10 people who bring inspiration, encouragement and joy into my daily life. Some of these amazing ladies don't even know of my existance let alone have any idea of the creative impact they have on my life. So a BIG thanks to Sephi, Debbi, Audrey, Gillian, Jo, Julie, Sharon, Kelly Rae, Nina and Lesley some truly amazing women that inspire me on a daily basis.

Now I'm off to play the front 9 at my local golf course. The picture above and at the top of the post were both taken last year on one of my many visits to the course. I have a set of hot pink clubs and a hot pink buggy... so I really look the part, until I start playing, that is!