Sunday, 30 August 2009

Fabulous Blog Award and 5 of My Obsessions

My lovely friend Celeste, has blessed me with a 'Fabulous Blog' award. Thank you :) In accepting this award I need to list 5 of my obsessions (hmmm, could be difficult limiting them to 5!) and 5 Fabulous Blogs... so here goes

5 Obesssions

1. Treasure Hunting and Collecting (some would call it hoarding - how rude!!!). Be it vintage or new, it doesn't really matter, if it's a treasure then it often finds its way back to my house :)

2. Creating - I get all twitchy and irritable if I haven't had a good fix of creative time.

3. Solitude - must admit that I like to have some quiet time all to myself - where I can stay in my pj's for as long as necessary, ignore the phone and chill out!

4. One of my latest TV viewing obsessions - Spooks. It's only a recent discovery for me, but I'm now a total fan of the show.

5. Chocolate - just can't get enough of it, ever!

5 Blogs
(Possibly another 5 of my obsessions! - And very difficult to narrow down to 5 I might add!) These 5 blogs I visit on a very regular basis. I don't often leave comments, but I always leave their blogs feeling highly inspired!

1. Roben-Marie Smith Roben-marie takes stunning photographs, has great tips and techniques and her mixed media style is fabulous. I often pick up my camera after a visit :)

2. Audrey Hernandez Audrey has loads of great mixed media work - I love looking at the finer details in Audrey's work. I'm always wondering 'How did she do that?!'

3. Jo Capper-Sandon Jo has a fabulous way with stamps... I'm constantly amazed how she puts her pieces together and I'm always encouraged to try something new when I see her work :)

4. Julie H Julie's jewellery fascinates me, I love all the different elements she uses and she's able to produce work with a great vintage vibe!

5. Sephi Kemp Sephi, my fellow 'The Stamping Queen' design team member has a unique style. I love the sense of fun she adds to many of her pieces and her use of colour is brilliant! I often find unexpected surprises in Sephi's work.

Thanks ladies for generously sharing very such beautiful and inspiring work with the blogging world.

The Love of Family

The love of family, it can drive you crazy at times, but I wouldn't be without it! I got to hang out with my brother for a bit on Friday, it was great to catch up and even better to be able to help him out for a change. My brother is pretty clever with his hands and able to fix things that I couldn't possibly fix! He rebuilt a fence for me a while back. It's so strong and straight and I know there is no way on earth I'd have ever been able to do that!

Anyway, here's a piece I've put together using some fab products from THE STAMPING QUEEN in dedication to the love of family. I was inspired to make this 'Chunky ATC' after seeing the theme at Saturday's Workout.

The Stamping Queens Products: Stamp images - 'Companionship' and 'Love' (Paperbag Studios), German scrap vine, Collections butterfly and Basic Grey fibres

Fish - Sunday Postcard Art

Fish is this week's theme at Sunday Postcard Art which sent me in search for the perfect fish. I was a little astounded to find that there isn't anything too fishy in my collection of treasures, apart from this gorgeous French fish hook, there wasn't much else to work with. A local store owner I know had a recent trip to France and returned home with some lovely bits & pieces and the fish hook was one of them!

I had to avoid hooking myself as I worked on this piece today. It reminded me of the first time I ever went fishing. I was on a school camp out at Camp Quaranup, we hiked down to the jetty, I had a hand line and hooks, I bravely squished the bait onto the hook and sat there for hours (minutes?) - caught nothing! What I mostly remember though, is the trek back up the hill and having to pull the hook out of my arm a couple of times, not realising that if the barb had got in far enough it was going to be much harder to get out - nobody mentioned that 'til much later!

The only stamp image (apart from postage variety) to be seen here is a small section of 'Thistle' by Paperbag Studios.

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday.

New Nest Revisited

A little reminder that the August Stampers Challenge, 'Mix & Match' at Paperbag Studios will finish on the 31st, so time's running out! Details here.

I knew when I posted this piece the other week it wasn't quite finished, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to complete it. There seemed to be an emptiness about it, and a lack of warmth and coziness that I felt was needed for this type of piece. Yesterday I finally found to time (and the right head space) to go back and revisit it and I'm so much happier with it.

The button in the centre of the flower is a treasure from Melbourne. Stitching added greater form and shape for the roof.

Button is another Melbourne find and twigs from a spectacular gum tree out the front of my house.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Check out this creative gal. She's pretty in pink and ready to set to work on some creative project. I love this image from Stampotique, so she had to feature in my next 'Anything Goes' piece for THE STAMPING QUEEN!

I've added some different Kaisercraft rub ons to her skirt and top along with some Kaisercraft rhinestone bling!

Rub ons work really well on buttons too!

Word is by Collections with a spritz of Vintge Pink glimmer mist for good measure!

TSQ Products: Stampotique Creative Girl, Collections word, Kaiser Craft rub ons and rhinestone, Vintage Pink Glimmer Mist

Botanica - Sunday Postcard Art

'Botanica' is the theme over at Sunday Postcard Art this week. It's such a wonderful theme and I've been looking forward to making this postcard all week.

The shell plate is by Tin Can Mail. All other stamped images are from Oxford Impressions 'Field Notes' plate.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Mix & Match - PBS Stamp Challenge

Marilyn Rock is hosting the August Stamp Challenge at Paperbag Studios and her theme is 'Mix & Match'. The challenge is to choose two stamp sheets and choose two stamps from each set and merge them into one piece that creates a definite message or feel! Visit here for more details... if you submit a piece you might win a $10 voucher to spend on more PBS stamps!

I've chosen stamps from 'Home' and 'Flourish' rubber sheets. They've been merged together to create 'New Nest'. It's ready to give to some dear friends of mine that are soon moving into a new home.


It seems to be the time for engagement announcements and that means it's also time for cards and gifts for the happy couples. This image by Paperbag Studios is just perfect for this happy occasion, as is the sentiment that goes with it, 'May you love... all the days of your life'.

'Anything Goes' is the theme for the design team over at THE STAMPING QUEEN this month and I'm in need of several engagement cards, so here's my first piece for the month. I've coloured sections of the PBS 'May You Love' image with Tombow and Aquash pens.

The paper daisies have been sprayed with Red Velvet Glimmer Mist - just to make them the perfect colour. And the finishing touch for this piece is a strip of silver German Scrap.

TSQ Supplies: 'May You Love' Paperbag Studios, Red Velvet Glimmer Mist, German Scrap

Friday, 7 August 2009

Purple - Theme Thursday

Here's a 'purple' moo for Theme Thursday's challenge this week. The gorgeous image is from ARTchix - as is the sweet little velvet leaf. And there's little snippets of lace, tulle, velvet ribbon, fabric, flower, rhinestone, vintage dictionary and text.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I'm off treasure hunting in another town :)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

In the Mail/Out the Mail

My title of this post makes me think of a game I play with the kids at school, 'In the Pond/Out the Pond'... there's lots of jumping involved...

Look at this gorgeous painting I received 'in the mail' from Mandy this week. I had a little jump of glee when I saw this! Isn't is beautiful - I love it! I blame my Kindy teacher for my love of Russian Babushka nesting dolls. I first saw one when I was in Kindy and secretly wanted one of my own from then on - especially the tiny baby one. When I was about 19 and living in Perth my Dad came up to visit and took me shopping. We came across this gogeous toy store in an arcade in the city and there I spied an entire row of Babushka's sitting on a shelf - I shared my secret with Dad and guess what, that Christmas I was gifted with a beautiful Babuska of my very own - he'd gone back to the store and bought one with out me knowing. How special's that! Now that I have this painting, I see a perfectly good excuse to start a collection of Babushkas :) I could always drop another hint to my Dad :) I wonder if a trip to Russia would be in order to go with it?

And this should have already gone 'out the mail' for Jo. I've created a small folder which for now holds six notelets based on some of my designs that were published in Sew Somerset.

I purchased all of the buttons on my trip to Melbourne this year and that is where I first met Jo face to face. There's a bit of history behind these buttons. They were producsed in Brazil during the depression. Apparently they ended up in someone's garage along the way - still all stored in their original boxes and tea chests! When I walked into the room where they were being stored I literally could not believe my eyes - masses and masses of buttons... I had such fun sifting through them - I even ended up getting locked in the room for a bit - which normally would have lead to panic, but I was so distracted I didn't mind at all!

There's lots of vintage finds used here - trims, ribbon, lace, dress making patterns - even the thread is vintage (straight off a wooden spool).

Jo, it's in the mail really soon!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Happiness - Tag Tuesday


I love making tags and am really pleased to have discovered Tag Tuesday challenge blog - it's a great motivation to make a tag each week. The current theme is 'Summer Flowers' and I put this tag together very early this morning... in the coolness of a winter morning... made me dream about summer flowers AND that I seriously need to weed my garden beds, seriously!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

April in Paris

'Eiffel Tower'

As mentioned in a previous post I've had the thrill of discovering one of my 'Just Say Moo' samples on the cover of The Stampers' Sampler. I thought I'd post some close-ups of this and the other two Moo's I submitted for this challenge at Stampington.

All the gorgeous rubber is from Oxford Impressions 'April in Paris' plate.



Monday, 3 August 2009

Take A Ride - WS

'Fresh Tea' (click on photo to enlarge image)

'Take a Ride' is the current challenge theme at Wednesday Stamper. I love how these men from Characters Constructions catch a ride and I simply added wings (ARTchix) to help them along. The map in the background is by Cherry Pie and all papers are Basic Grey.

Now, is time to take a ride on the wild side or enjoy a cup of fresh tea???

Sunday, 2 August 2009

'2 for Joy' - Sunday Postcard Art

Bingo is the theme for Sunday Postcard Art's challenge this week. I've used a combination of rubber for this piece... Paper Artsy, Stampington and Hero Arts. And some beach themed images by ARTchix Studio.

I have to admit not really liking fishing all that much... it was pure JOY for me the one and only time I caught a fish (it was huge by the way, he he)... but I don't feel the need to catch another one.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Theme Thursday - 4" x 4"

When I sat down to create this 4" x 4"piece for 'Theme Thursday', I decided that I'd only use products within easy reach. So things found on the table or the floor next to me were the only options... it helped me make quick decisions. Mind you there's still a lot to choose from, even when I cut it back to only things in easy reach. Perhaps I should take a photo of my floor! You'd be amazed what I find there!

All the gorgeous stamped images are by Stampington.

Speaking of Stampington, it looks like I've got a piece on the front cover (top right hand side) of The Stampers' Sampler August/September issue. I haven't received my copy yet... can't wait to see which pieces they chose to use for this issue.