Saturday, 1 August 2009

Theme Thursday - 4" x 4"

When I sat down to create this 4" x 4"piece for 'Theme Thursday', I decided that I'd only use products within easy reach. So things found on the table or the floor next to me were the only options... it helped me make quick decisions. Mind you there's still a lot to choose from, even when I cut it back to only things in easy reach. Perhaps I should take a photo of my floor! You'd be amazed what I find there!

All the gorgeous stamped images are by Stampington.

Speaking of Stampington, it looks like I've got a piece on the front cover (top right hand side) of The Stampers' Sampler August/September issue. I haven't received my copy yet... can't wait to see which pieces they chose to use for this issue.


Terri said...

Your 4x4 has lovely layering and stamping!
Congratulations for being on the cover of Stampers Sampler! Whoohooo for you!!!

Svenja said...

Beautiful! I like your idea of taking the measures "loosely" and not giving your 4x4 such a strict frame. Love the layers, too.

Sandy said...

Wow Sue this is absolutely beautiful.
Love the design.

LiveArt said...

Love the colours and the texture of your 4x4!! And congratulations on the cover!! That's sooo super!!!


Night Owl Designs said...

Well done on making the SS cover Sue!

Sarah said...

Congrats on being a "cover girl"!! How exciting that must be!

trisha too said...

YAY you, Sue!

and the 4x4 is beauteous!


Karen said...

Love the layering and colours on your 4x4. Congrats for getting on the cover.