Sunday, 4 September 2011

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

I'm about to head out to the airport to meet Dad.  He's been in the big smoke this week to have an op.  He's recovering really well and is looking forward to being with the family today.  We're heading out to the farm to have lunch with my brother and his family.  I'm looking forward to catching up with my nephew too.  He's turning four in two weeks and wants a green birthday cake!

Here's a different stylised photo taken by CS&P team... I loved seeing this photo too.  In the end the first photo made the cut!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

'The Lazy Susans' Exhibit

'The Lazy Susans'

A collection of paper arts pieces made by my artful friend Susan and myself.

We have a sign 'The Lazy Susans' that went up after this photo was taken and I'll add a photo of that later if possible.

Unfortunately, I have no expertise in taking night time/flash photos, so they are not as clear as I would like, but this photo gives you an overall picture of how it looks.

I totally love Susan's Christmas tree.  I wonder if she would notice if it went missing?!
I accidently left my shabby chic door outside at home the day we were setting up and wondered if that might have gone missing before I got back home to rescue it!

I'm so glad I did buy these dusty old fly wire screens for $1 each last year, although at the time I did wonder what I needed them for.

Susan's gorgeous bunting was the perfect finishing touch for our exhibit!

It was really lovely to visit other exhibitors work last night and enjoy and wonder in the creative abilities of other members in my church. God has blessed many with amazing gifts and talents indeed!

Oh, and the concert was a fantastic experience too!  Once again wonderful gifts and talents were shared.  I particularly loved seeing my neice singing a solo, at the ripe old age of 12!  Such a joyful experience!  I was suitably nervous about performing and finally managed to relax and really enjoy singing with my band by the fourth song! 

Friday, 2 September 2011

1st Exhibition - Sneak Peek

My local church is 'Celebrating Creativity' this weekend as, we reflect upon with wonder, our awesome Creator God.  The church is hosting an Art/Craft exhibition and there is also an official opening concert tonight.  My friend Susan and I are participating in our first ever exhibition, which we've entitled, 'The Lazy Susans'.  This is a sneak peak of our table and I'll add more photos over the weekend.  We had a lot of fun setting up yesterday and I was amazed at how beautifully our work blended together.

Oh, did I mention I'm singing at the concert tonight too?  I'm singing with an amazing group of gifted muscians and singers, so am currently very excited and a little nervous.