Saturday, 30 April 2011

Inkurable Stampers - Stitch In Time

'Stitch In Time' by Sue Smith

This is the first time I've participated in an Inkurable Stampers challenge.  It's their 3rd birthday and so the theme for April was '3'.  Within that theme you had to create a piece that incorporated three colours, three stamps and the number 3!

My three colours:  purple, sand and black
My three stamps:  Dress form, textile and spool (all Tim Holtz)
Number 3:  Was highlighted from dressmaking tissue used in the background.

Happy Birthday Inkurable Stampers!


Home - there's no place like it!

The theme for the postcard swap group I'm in this month is 'bird'.

There's lots of layering in the background... Bingo card, vintage text, gesso, dressmaking tissue...

Stamped images are by Oxford Impression, label is ARTchix Studio, egg paper by 7 Gypsies, letters by Collections


a feather gathered discretely at a bird park - not I didn't pluck it from the Guinea fowl, I promise! I found it on the ground and scooped it up with glee when no one was looking :) 

Friday, 29 April 2011

Future Shock

'Future Shock' for Shelley

Finally, finally I've managed to make this Steampunk postcard that was supposed to be completed in March for a swap group I'm involved with this year!  All stamped images are by Oxford Impressions, some collage images are from ARTchix Studio and the remainder from an old book from which I rip out some pages ages ago and not 'til today realised how perfectly well they would work with this theme!

Now to get onto April's postcard!  You never know I may even manage to get this one in the mail on time!!!