Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Last Two Envelopes AND...

... my copy of Dec/Jan Stampers Sampler finally arrived yesterday. A couple weeks back Audrey mentioned that I had a set of cards being published in the Different Point of View section - which was a lovely surprise... so I've been waiting and waiting for a copy of the mag to make its way to me! Audrey has some absolutely gorgeous work in there, as does Sephi and Jo. So congratulations to you all!

Congratulations, Rachel! It's wonderful to have seen your musical talents develop over the years! Image by Stampington & Co.

Congratulations, Sam! A well earned reward and so nice to see it continuing to run in the family!
If you're wondering what 'Buccinator' means... look it up in the dictionary and then you'll understand! Image by Paperbag Studios.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Envelopes... Take Two

Congratulations to Amanda for winning the Performing Arts Award. I taught her way back when she was in Year One. Now she's all grown and ready to take on the world!
The image is ARTchix and Lazar Studiowerx stamp.

A well deserved award for Bethany. Image is Paperbag Studios and Chatterbox papers.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


So finally, here is the first installment! This is one of the envelopes I made for Presentation Night. This is for Liam, Year 8 DUX! Congratulations to all the students that received prizes last night - a lovely reward for all your hard work! Thanks to my dear friends, Jhodi, Elle, Jaci and Susan who also made fabulous envelopes for other awards. Will post more pics during the week.

This envelope may look a little familiar as it's based on a set of cards published this year, in Stamping & Papercraft called 'Rustic Charm'