Tuesday, 4 December 2007


So finally, here is the first installment! This is one of the envelopes I made for Presentation Night. This is for Liam, Year 8 DUX! Congratulations to all the students that received prizes last night - a lovely reward for all your hard work! Thanks to my dear friends, Jhodi, Elle, Jaci and Susan who also made fabulous envelopes for other awards. Will post more pics during the week.

This envelope may look a little familiar as it's based on a set of cards published this year, in Stamping & Papercraft called 'Rustic Charm'


sharon young said...

Beautiful Sue, Liam must have been delighted, what a great idea. What age is year 8 ? Over here it's about 12 I think!

Gillian :O) said...

Oh WOW Sue, this will be a wonderful keepsake for Liam, it's AMAZING!!!!

Debbi Baker said...

Sue these kids sure are lucky to have such a motivated and talented teacher!! They are all wonderful (the kids probably are too!!)