Thursday, 6 August 2009

In the Mail/Out the Mail

My title of this post makes me think of a game I play with the kids at school, 'In the Pond/Out the Pond'... there's lots of jumping involved...

Look at this gorgeous painting I received 'in the mail' from Mandy this week. I had a little jump of glee when I saw this! Isn't is beautiful - I love it! I blame my Kindy teacher for my love of Russian Babushka nesting dolls. I first saw one when I was in Kindy and secretly wanted one of my own from then on - especially the tiny baby one. When I was about 19 and living in Perth my Dad came up to visit and took me shopping. We came across this gogeous toy store in an arcade in the city and there I spied an entire row of Babushka's sitting on a shelf - I shared my secret with Dad and guess what, that Christmas I was gifted with a beautiful Babuska of my very own - he'd gone back to the store and bought one with out me knowing. How special's that! Now that I have this painting, I see a perfectly good excuse to start a collection of Babushkas :) I could always drop another hint to my Dad :) I wonder if a trip to Russia would be in order to go with it?

And this should have already gone 'out the mail' for Jo. I've created a small folder which for now holds six notelets based on some of my designs that were published in Sew Somerset.

I purchased all of the buttons on my trip to Melbourne this year and that is where I first met Jo face to face. There's a bit of history behind these buttons. They were producsed in Brazil during the depression. Apparently they ended up in someone's garage along the way - still all stored in their original boxes and tea chests! When I walked into the room where they were being stored I literally could not believe my eyes - masses and masses of buttons... I had such fun sifting through them - I even ended up getting locked in the room for a bit - which normally would have lead to panic, but I was so distracted I didn't mind at all!

There's lots of vintage finds used here - trims, ribbon, lace, dress making patterns - even the thread is vintage (straight off a wooden spool).

Jo, it's in the mail really soon!

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Debbi Baker said...

Love love love your notelets and folder - so beautiful and the simplicity and clean lines really appeal! Mandy's painting is just so sweet too.