Sunday, 16 August 2009

Mix & Match - PBS Stamp Challenge

Marilyn Rock is hosting the August Stamp Challenge at Paperbag Studios and her theme is 'Mix & Match'. The challenge is to choose two stamp sheets and choose two stamps from each set and merge them into one piece that creates a definite message or feel! Visit here for more details... if you submit a piece you might win a $10 voucher to spend on more PBS stamps!

I've chosen stamps from 'Home' and 'Flourish' rubber sheets. They've been merged together to create 'New Nest'. It's ready to give to some dear friends of mine that are soon moving into a new home.


Celeste Santin said...

Hi Sue. I chose you to receive a Fab Blog Award. You do not have to accept if you prefer not to.

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your new piece looks good. jena