Sunday, 30 August 2009

Fabulous Blog Award and 5 of My Obsessions

My lovely friend Celeste, has blessed me with a 'Fabulous Blog' award. Thank you :) In accepting this award I need to list 5 of my obsessions (hmmm, could be difficult limiting them to 5!) and 5 Fabulous Blogs... so here goes

5 Obesssions

1. Treasure Hunting and Collecting (some would call it hoarding - how rude!!!). Be it vintage or new, it doesn't really matter, if it's a treasure then it often finds its way back to my house :)

2. Creating - I get all twitchy and irritable if I haven't had a good fix of creative time.

3. Solitude - must admit that I like to have some quiet time all to myself - where I can stay in my pj's for as long as necessary, ignore the phone and chill out!

4. One of my latest TV viewing obsessions - Spooks. It's only a recent discovery for me, but I'm now a total fan of the show.

5. Chocolate - just can't get enough of it, ever!

5 Blogs
(Possibly another 5 of my obsessions! - And very difficult to narrow down to 5 I might add!) These 5 blogs I visit on a very regular basis. I don't often leave comments, but I always leave their blogs feeling highly inspired!

1. Roben-Marie Smith Roben-marie takes stunning photographs, has great tips and techniques and her mixed media style is fabulous. I often pick up my camera after a visit :)

2. Audrey Hernandez Audrey has loads of great mixed media work - I love looking at the finer details in Audrey's work. I'm always wondering 'How did she do that?!'

3. Jo Capper-Sandon Jo has a fabulous way with stamps... I'm constantly amazed how she puts her pieces together and I'm always encouraged to try something new when I see her work :)

4. Julie H Julie's jewellery fascinates me, I love all the different elements she uses and she's able to produce work with a great vintage vibe!

5. Sephi Kemp Sephi, my fellow 'The Stamping Queen' design team member has a unique style. I love the sense of fun she adds to many of her pieces and her use of colour is brilliant! I often find unexpected surprises in Sephi's work.

Thanks ladies for generously sharing very such beautiful and inspiring work with the blogging world.


Julie H said...

Thanks so much Miss Smiff, you are too kind! I made some tags with lots of stitiching on the weekend and thought of you! Will post them soon.

Night Owl Designs said...

Always great to find another Spooks lover :-) Thanks for the award Sue, I adore your blog too.

Carola Zajdman said...

I´m in love with your work ! so creative full of little things that make a great work.
Congrats !! I invite you to visit my blog

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Hey...where'd ya go??

Missing you x