Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Half A Cup Of Playfulness...

Happy New Year to you one and all!

This is not the piece that I wanted to represent my new word, for the new year - 'playfulness'.  However, my year has also not really started in the way I would wish.  I'm unwell again and did not even think I would make it to the studio table today.  There is so much I could whinge about too - the pain that I'm in (and it's a public holiday so I can't see my doctor), the heatwave we're having (in a house that doesn't have any aircon) and to top it all off the ants have invaded us, and worse still they found my chocolate stash and raided it beyond rescuing!!!

When I did muster up the strength to sit at my desk, the first thought that came to mind was... 'when life gives you lemons'... you know how it goes!  So I thought I'd try and make some lemonade, so to speak, and I tried to create with a spirit of 'playfulness' in the midst of a little misery.  I knew it was going to need to be a piece that was quick to put together and so I just grabbed two key elements (the Stampington stamps and the Lemon Myrtle teabag and worked from there.

I found the process of putting this together very therapeutic, I was no longer focusing on the pain I'm in and I was turning a somewhat bad day into one that had at least half a cup of playfulness in it.  Through this process I've also discovered that I can in fact create, even when I'm not feeling 100%, I just had to push through the frustration and doubt.  I also needed to remind myself that playfulness is all about the process (having fun) and not the end product!

How has 2013 started for you?  I know in the big scheme of things I have nothing to whinge about really and I'm going to try to spend the rest of January 1st looking at life with a 'the cup is half full' kind of outlook.  Hmmmmm, a icy cold glass of lemonade could down quite nicely right now too!

Oh, I also stumbled upon the 'Just B' website today and Pip is running a 'Month of Moments' challenge.  I've decided to play along when I can.  Today's prompt is 'brand new'.  And as already mentioned, 'Playfulness' is my brand new word for the year!

Blessings to you and yours on this first day of a new year!

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Lily Mae Martin said...

Sorry to read you are unwell and in pain. But it is awesome that you managed to find something to take your mind off of it, even if just a little while.

2013 started off less awesome than I hoped but that's OK, it's just a day. I did get to spend it with my beautiful family which makes me happy!

Lily Mae