Monday, 21 January 2013

Let It Go! - CJS10

Nathalie Kalbach demonstrated a 3rd technique in Creative Jumpstart No 10.   It was a twist on a technique that I have used before and it was great to approach it from a slightly different angle.  I achieved mixed results and would like to try this again with different tools and cooler weather.  

 One of the really wonderful things I'm rediscovering through CJS, are some lovely products I've stashed away and forgotten about.  For instance, see that daisy stamp?  I don't think I've used it in the past 10 years, but I was thrilled to find it, as I thought it'd be the perfect image for this tag.

The journalling, unintentionally, got lost on this tag... in the end I needed to add layers to achieve a better balance.  Joel and I have recently been talking about forgiveness and how difficult it can be to forgive yourself of some mistakes you've made in the past.  You know, the ones that haunt you, the ones you can't quite let go of for a final time.  The ones where the damage has been done and there seems no possible way to repair it.  I have a few of those kind of mistakes, I guess we all do, and in the end, I've found it's best to try to 'let it go' and place all that anxiety into the hands of God, resting in His forgiveness and trusting that He will work all things for His glory.  And when that anxiety creeps back in again, you realise you've got to 'let it go' once more!

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