Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Romantic Thing Or Two - CJS5

Sharon Laakkonen brought a whole pile of inspiration with her tutorial in Creative Jumpstart No. 5.

It was all about manila tags... which I too, love to use!

The collage image is from Darkroom Door's 'Love Letters' Collection.

This tag is a bit of an odd one out as far as the colour palette goes, but it is what it is.  This is where technique number 2 was taught.

Another touch of romance from Darkroom Door.  I dream of receiving a love letter or two one day!  (Yes, Joel does occasionally read my blog, so it's a BIG HINT).

I enjoyed the technique taught here, but once again I didn't have all the right products.  I made do with something else and I know in time the background will all crumble away, so it's great to have a photo of it before it all falls part!  I really like the technique and I plan to use another medium to see if I can get a longer lasting result!

Sharon threw in a bonus technique.  I loved her idea and I'm sure to use it again! 

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