Saturday, 12 January 2013

Crash Course - Encaustic Indulgence

I have yet to tell you my very sad, sad story... I was booked in to attend Patricia Baldwin Seggbruch's, Encaustic Indulgence class at Summer School this week.  I was jumping up and down with excitement late last year when I realised that Trisha was going to be in my hometown and teaching encaustics whilst I was still on holidays!  I promptly booked myself in, knowing that this was possibly the only chance I'd ever get to do a class with her - it was kind of a once in a life time thing.  One of my friends also managed to book into her class and we were eager and terrified at the same time, both knowing that we lean more towards the crafty side than, arty side of things when it come to creativity.

Anyway, on Sunday after talking to my doctor, I realised with a huge amount of disappointment (yes there were tears), that I would not be able to attend... I was not well enough...

Anyway, to cut this long story short, I was able to visit the classroom on Friday, meet Trisha and her son Patrick (they were so welcoming - both truly wonderful people) and see what everyone had been up to over the week!  Before I knew it I had some encaustic boards given to me and was having a crash course in working with wax!  I was only able to stay for about 45 mins and so I had to work fast... my friends helped and Patrick got me working on some really fun techniques!  I ended up walking out the door with three samples, the final one is very incomplete.

I know I've missed out on an awesome class, but I left feeling abundantly blessed to have met both Trisha and Patrick, to have been encouraged by my wonderful friends and in the end to have had the opportunity to try out encaustics with such an amazing tutor!  And you never know, perhaps one day there'll be another chance to do a class with Trisha... I sure hope so!

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Celeste said...

Hi Sue
I hope you are feeling better now.
I'd also love to do her class and missed out entirely on her visit last year and not sure if i can make it this time either.
I love your speedy creations all the same and think you did a fab job.