Thursday, 17 January 2013

At Play - The Girls

'Thoughts on Why'

I have loved working with my stencils so much more after Julie's Creative Jumpstart tutorial.  It's great to once more put them to good use, my stencils have been very inactive, for like forever!

This time I added more collage layers:  stamping, textiles, buttons, stitching, scraps of paper

I'm also seeing more 'heartstrings' in my work - I'm wondering what that's all about!  I have been missing my mum, especially having been so unwell in recent times!  I can't help but wonder what kind of wisdom she would bestow upon her newly-wed daughter, but then again, deep down, I think I know the kinds of things she'd say.

'Girl At Home'

This one kind of looks like a house with the way the silk ribbon is sitting at the top of the tag.
I'm feeling more at home when working with stencils, which is fabulous.  But I'm also a girl that revels in lots of time spent at home - I just love it!

All stamped images are by Stampington (designed by Dina Wakley and Colette Copeland)!  I especially love the second girl image, designed by Colette Copeland.  Colette is one of my most favourite mixed media artists.  She's such an inspiration to me!

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Anonymous said...

Your mum would say your a wonderful girl, and she would be proud of you. Tania x