Sunday, 27 January 2013

Beloved - CJS7

Louise Nelson's tutorial for Creative Jumpstart No. 7 was amazing!!!  I totally loved the effects she has been able to achieve on her scrapbook layouts.  I attempted to make a similar background to the one Louise demonstrated (step by step) and once again used products that I already had on hand.  I encountered a few problems along the way and I have not been able to achieve anything like the crackle effect that Louise has created.  I'm blaming the products I used, but also think that I would need to practice this technique a few times before I'd see improvements.  However, I think it would be worth the effort, so I might need to go shopping!

This is a small layout (roughly 6" x 6")... I struggled to put this together today too.  Having not had much experience with scrapbooking I found it difficult to get started .  Anyway, once more I've kept the composition very simple and just added some fabric scraps left over from the making of my wedding gown. 

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