Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Heart Song

I've had an amazing year, one full to the brim with blessings.  My husband being the most special blessing of all.  He's the miracle that I was beginning to think would never be!  And he's a happy reminded of how God's plans for our lives are perfect and so is His timing!  There's a story to tell, our love story, and I will share it with you in time.  The engagement, the arrival of our identical twin nieces, the wedding, the honeymoon, holidays, long service leave... so many treasured moments and all in one year!  

I'll share some of the memories (and photos) of those moments with you in the near future, as I catch my breath, take time to reflect and find the best place to start.  

Just this week, I remembered that I had signed up for an online course with Jenny Doh way back in January and I still hadn't finished the first week of the course!  Life has had such a different focus for me all this year and any creativity was directed towards preparing to wed my sweetheart, Joel.  Anyway, I was thrilled to discover that the course was still available to me online and I've been working hard on it most of this week.  The course is enabling me to clarify my current heartfelt creative goals.  I've been reminded of the importance to create daily... it's not always going end with pleasing results... but being disciplined and turning up each day is what it's going to take to develop my artistic skills and it's also a pretty excellent way to spend part of the day.

'My Heart Song' is this morning's creative result.  It's simple, but hidden within are secrets, hopes and dreams and promises.  It's been so long since I've been able to sit in my 'studio' aka spare bedroom and play.  

It's my intention to play daily, for the pure joy of it, for discovery of new techniques and skills, for good health (creating makes my heart sing), for discipline (it's good for us) and to really discover what it is that I love doing creatively the most!

How about you?  Will you challenge yourself to do something creative? - daily!


Renee said...

I'm so glad you're taking the course! Your work is fantastic, I'm glad you are sharing it.

Celeste said...

Love your bag.
Wishing you an equally wonderful 2013

Shells said...

Love your Heart Song, what a great year you've had.