Friday, 21 December 2012

Frosty The Snowman

My Dad has always wanted to experience a white Christmas, just once in his life time and hopefully his dream will come true!  Dad tells me that my Mum thought he was crazy, having herself lived in Ireland during her childhood and experiencing the freezing cold, slushy winters, she never wanted to experience another white Christmas - ever.

The closest we can get to a white Christmas in our part of the world is to go down to a white sandy beach and cool down from the heat of summer in the icy cold ocean!  Sadly though, it's near impossible to build a snowman in those conditions, so I too would love to experience a white Christmas one day too!

'Frosty' isn't a new creation, I made him last year for a postcard swap, but I thought I'd share him with you here today, as I've yet to create anything new today.  Instead I've wrapped the first of the Christmas presents, done some more Christmas shopping and had the most delightful time catching up with some precious family and friends.

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