Thursday, 4 August 2011

Singer Sewing Machine

As I mentioned recently, I am participating in small postcard exchange group this year.  The theme for June was 'Victorian'.  I was having trouble finding inspiration for this theme and resorted to using 'Google' for some assistance!  I discovered that the Singer Sewing Machine scaled for home use was patented in the Victorian Era (1854) by Isaac Merritt Singer. When I came across this useful information I finally knew which direction to take! And lo and behold, I had the perfect images in a new Oxford Impressions plate I had received recently, Sewing Notions.
There's quite a bit of layering of papers and paint and ink and tissue tape (another new love). This piece is almost completely flat, except for one little black safety pin. All the other sewing notions are stamped... I'm surprised that I didn't use any other 3D notions or fabric or trims or ribbon, but well, I haven't!

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Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Lovely piece, love the sewing machine. Lovely depth of colour. Tracy xv