Monday, 27 May 2013

In My Heart

'In My Heart'

Emotional connection is what I experienced most whilst creating this piece.  I'm discovering in a richer way, that this is actually what is of most importance to me in the process of art making.  There's much buried in my heart - faith, joy, frustration, fear of rejection, fear, fear, fear!, love, hope, resentment, excitement (and much more of course), but nearly always prayerfulness and it most often ends in thankfulness to God, for without Him I would be lost in a very dark and lonely place.  Connecting emotionally as I create, is helping me to release those bound up emotions, search for truth and pray through them for God's guidance, healing, peace, love and joy.

I worked slow (as I usually do) and found myself in a place of remembrance.... remembering the amazing and creative lives of my mother and grandmothers; reflecting upon the wonderful gift they have given me - the joy of living a creative life - what a heritage!  I miss each of them terribly, but am so thankful that each one of them continues to play a huge part in who I am today and the art that I make.  I am incredibly blessed!

I'm also very thankful for the many artists who are so willing to impart their knowledge, skills, time and talents to those around them, both locally and globally.  Something I find truly remarkable, is that often times these artists may never even know the incredible impact they have had on others and their art making.  

A number of years ago, Lesley Riley turned my art making right around, allowing me to steer it in another direction.  Did she have any idea of the impact she made on me back then?  No, she didn't, but I have since told her once or twice.  I was participating in her class, as quiet as a mouse and soaking in with wonder all that she was teaching.  I felt a greater sense of freedom in the way I approached my work and was thrilled to discover new possibilities for art making.  I'm still learning so much from Lesley, and I don't think I would have broken through some of the boundaries that were necessary to smash in order to create this piece.  So thank you Lesley, and thank you to all those creative souls that are willing to mentor, teach and share their creative lives with others.  You may never know the impact that you have on someone's creative life, but I pray you will be blessed in some way because of it!


Renee said...

Lovely, moving post and your project is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Susie.

Celeste said...

It's truly a gorgeous piece of art. SO feminine and timeless. xx