Monday, 13 May 2013

Outburst of the Soul - Darkroom Door

I love this thought that, 'Music is the outburst of the soul'.  I love to sing and I especially love those moments when I really lose myself in the melody or lyrics of a song.  I find myself all goose bumpy and emotional and lost in the wonder of it all.  There's nothing like it!  It's fun to sing with my beloved too and it's such an amazing way to connect with someone.

I've been having a lovely 'dress-making' time as I played around with the new Darkroom Door background stamp, Postage Stamps.  I've simply stamped the background onto some white paper with pink ink, scrunched it up a bit and created the shape of a skirt.  I scalloped the bottom edge of the skirt with scissors and added a little layer of lace underneath the skirt.  Then I hand cut a torso shape to go with it, adding a swipe of ink around the edges of the skirt and bodice.

I've also used words and images from two of Darkroom Door's stamp sets to create the background :  'Chorus' and 'Champs Elysée'.  Finally, I added some additional music inspired bits n bobs and  a bit of lace complete the collage.

Now it's time to turn up the music and have a little sing-a-long!  It's good for the soul!

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Kristy T said...

Hi Susie, I love what you have done with the skirt. The lace tucked underneath is just perfect too :)