Monday, 3 June 2013

Shadow 6 Up Frame - Darkroom Door

Oooohhh, Darkroom Door's Shadow 6 Up frame stamp is so much fun to work with!  For this first card, I roughly inked up the stamp, missing small sections of the rubber, and then stamped in onto textured card to give a more weathered look.  I then punched a square hole into one section of the frame to create a window.

I added a number of stamped images from Darkroom Door's stamp sets:  Seashells and Seaside Vol 2 and embellished the work with vintage buttons, a pearl, a shell, thread, lace, washi tape and a section cut from an old map. I used 3D mounting tape on my work, adding a section of map under the window and affixed it to black card.

London was the next theme in mind as I continued to play with the Shadow 6 Up frame.  This time I stamped the compass (Sail Away), pattern (Ornate Elements) and postcard (Champs Elysee) images onto three sections of the stamp and then inked the remaining blocks to create a mix of patterned and solid blocks.  You need to be pretty organised and work fairly quickly so that the ink doesn't dry out!

The card was then embellished with images from London Vol 1 filmstrip and London montage.  I stamped the United Kingdom section of the World Map background stamp onto the back of a Scrabble tile and Trafalgar Square label (London Vol 1 stamp set).  The number from the small tag is from the Ornate Elements stamp set.  A few other treasure were added to complete this card:  silk fabric, eyelets, game spinner, vintage text, a wooden jigsaw piece and pen nibs.

Darkroom Door's Shadow 6 Up frame stamp is extremely versatile and great one to add to your collection!  I really love it!


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Rachel Greig said...

Love these cards Susie!! :)

Night Owl Designs said...

Sue, these cards are wonderful!

Marjie Kemper said...

Love what you've done here, Susie. Especially London with all the embellishments... gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Susie these are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Love the seashells, know another friend who would like it too. Hi aj. T x