Friday, 4 July 2008

Live and Laugh More!

'Twist of Lime'as seen in Stamping & Papercraft Vol 12 No 8.

Yay!!!! I've finished my reports and it's the holidays!!!!!!

So 'Live and Laugh More', I say!

The scrumptious stamp image is by Paperbag Studios.


jacqui jones said...

ooer love those cards so pretty and fun looking

no matching apron yet hehe

Night Owl Designs said...

I remember these! They're lovely Sue :-)

Laura said...

I really LOVE the joyful color combination and happiness of these cards!

audrey h. said...

These cards are beautiful. My local stamp store isn't getting this mag in anymore :(

Debbi Baker said...

Live and laugh more for sure - and as the very happy and very lucky owner of one of those cards (or very similar!!!) I can say they are even better in the flesh!! It lives right next to my paper arts desk and makes me think of you every time I look up.