Thursday, 3 July 2008

Boo Hoo...

Sorry, but I'm still stuck on the topic of school reports. And I haven't any new artwork to share... yet!

There was a glitch in our computer system at school (we are in the process of a computer roll over) and most of my reports were partially lost and resaved incorrectly!!! It's nobody's fault, just one of those things, but I couldn't believe it! So now I have to rewrite them, tomorrow!!! Thankfully, I had printed a hard copy of each for proof reading, so it will just be a process of copying comments etc from these. And EXTRA thankfully, my dear principal has provided my class with a relief teacher, so that I can solely concentrate on reports.

Do I sound cool, calm and collected about it? Well I will admit to having had a slight melt down this afternoon, but I'm just blaming the 'hormonies'! I'm sooooo glad that I realised what had happened before they all were all sent home! Now, I'm off to buy a really big block of chocolate!!!

How was your day?

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