Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Technology - Holding It Still

'Holding It Still' Postcard

It's postcard swap time again and I'm pretty pleased that mine is completed well in time (for a change).  November's theme is technology. And my, how the technology for photography has developed over the years!  I got my first camera when I was about 11 or 12.  My parents bought it for me so I could take photos whilst on a school camp - I still remember the precious excitement of having my own camera.  I'm pretty sure I still have those first photos tucked away in a safe place and I know when I look at them again many good memories will come flooding back. 

Today, I totally love having a digital camera!  It's so nice to not have to worry about the expense of film and to just keep snapping away until you get a more than decent shot!  The only thing to worry about now is my computer crashing before I've backed up all of my photos, because it's pretty rare for me to print them.  Earlier this year I thought I'd lost all my photos on my computer... yes, I had a very big melt down, but thankfully my techno-wise friend came to my rescue and nothing was lost!  Hopefully I have learned my lesson to back them up!

The camera is a Kaisercraft rub on and pretty much else is from Dark Room Door (the photobooth photos and great range of photography themed stamps).  The film strip is pretty old... I have a LOT of it... one of my friends cleaned out her garage before she left the country and found tins of filmstrips from her earlier teaching days.  I was totally thrilled when Trish handed over two tins of it to me!!!


A bird in the hand said...

Dear Sue, thank you for your lovely comment today.
And I'm relieved for you that you didn't lose your photos. [I know how it feels]

Cheers, Colette

Jenny said...

Love your postcard Sue... how cool are those photo booth pics... and I love the rub on...
How lucky to be given the two tins of film strips... what a treasure...

Jenny x