Monday, 17 October 2011

New Beginnings

'New Beginning'

Today begins with a new school term (without the students mind you!).  But I don't think that's what this piece is all about?!  Recently I've been reminded how important it is to play.  I was at a conference for early childhood teachers last month and they were emphasising the importance of play for children... which of course was nothing new to me... but isn't it important for all of us?  I know when it comes to creative time at home, I almost always have an agenda, a deadline and challenge that I want to complete. Usually there is a list of things 'to do'... never is there time to just play, experiment, explore... 

Well yesterday, being the last day of holidays, I thought it was time to give play a go!  I worked on this piece alongside making Secret Garden, whilst a layer was drying there, I'd mess around with this... no agenda, no plan, no purpose... just pure PLAY and let me tell you, it was PURE joy!!!!  I was even courageous enough to try free motion stitching without practicing, just did it (because there was nothing to lose).  That was a lesson in itself... but I'm pretty pleased with how that word 'begin' worked out!  It's a bit rough and in the middle of stitching it, I did wonder if it would legible...  I've learned some new things in this process of play and that is always a wonderful thing!

May I encourage you to PLAY to your Hearts Content today :)

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