Friday, 22 August 2008

Study in Sepia

I love seeing photo mosaics on other blogs and thanks to Chris' recent inspirational mosaic I had a little play today! It's so easy! I was going to try and explain how to make a mosaic, but Chris has done such an excellent job, just go and read her instructions!

1. Lily of the Valley 2. Flight in the Clouds 3. Dahlia 4. Heart 5. Dandelion Seedhead 6. Old Church 7. Peony 8. Monarch Butterfly 9. Bicycle 10. Lilac 11. Roses 12. Leaf

Why sepia? Well, I'm hoping to work on some sepia ATC's this weekend and I thought this might help get the ball rolling!

1 comment:

Chris Millar said...

Now was I seeing things or did you have a pink one of these up for a split second?! This sepia mosaic is lovely!! I've been looking through some old S&PC mags that I got from the library Sue and I just wanted to say how much I adore all your work!