Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Emerging Flair!

I'm not really sure where the last two weeks have gone, but gone they have! I've had a creative holiday break and have managed to complete a number of projects that will hopefully be published a little further down the track.

I enjoyed my outing to The Wizard of Oz with two of my neices - it was so lovely to spend a little time with them. They had never been to the Town Hall before, so it was extra special taking them there for the first time. I'm heading back there this Friday night for a concert... more on that later.

'Emerging Flair' by Julie H

In the second week of hols, I had the opportunity to catch up with Julie H. She's a talented local mixed media artist and she presented me with a drop dead gorgeous ATC called 'Emerging Flair' (the textures and composition are awesome) along with a little bag of delectable charms. It was so lovely to catch up with her! Thanks, Julie! I feel very blessed!

Another extra special event was babysitting Sean Alexander. He's now seven months old! Time flies, eh! My SIL went on a mini shopping spree and left the two of us together for a morning! Sean is rolling all over the place and it seems that at present his favourite pastime is playing with empty boxes and paper - just like me really :)


audrey h. said...

Hey Sue...I gotta agree with you, that atc you received is gorgeous! And Sean is just the cutest. That is such an adorable pic. Hope you are having a great day :)

sharon young said...

Hi Sue
What a lovely ATC, love the rust pieces, and what a wonderful bag of goodies.
Sean is a little poppet, I bet you had a wonderful AM.

Debbi Baker said...

Wow is Sean growing up fast or what!! And just so cute. Fabulous ATC by Julie - lucky you. Wish I could "catch up" too!! Any chance you feel like a 11 hour drive?