Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sean's Photo Shoot

I spent a little time with my nephew Sean, my brother Graeme and SIL Trevlyn yesterday. Here's one of the pictures I took - a peaceful little 'jungle man'!

They've been clearing out a garden bed around their house because they've had a tiger snake hanging around. Graeme nearly trod on it the other day when he was getting the washing. Yikes!!!!

Speaking of snakes - one of my friends picked up a very large (dead) dugite on the golf course on Sunday and wondered why I wouldn't go anywhere near him! That's enough snake stories to last a life time!!!!

Have a sssssssuper day everyone!

1 comment:

sharon young said...

What a gorgeous photo, he looks as if he's having such a lovely sleep.
No more snake stories!!!! I'm so glad I don't live in Australia, you seeem to have a nightmare creepy creaturures population!!