Sunday, 9 March 2008

SALT and Light

The current SALT challenge theme is - Inspiring Women Of Faith I've been longing to participate in these challenges for a while.

I've made a hanging called 'Friends'. As I was making this piece, I couldn't help but reflect on the incredible gift of friendship. It is indeed a gracious gift from God. Faithful friends are an awesome blessing in our lives and I am very thankful to have some wonderful friends that have supported me through tough times and celebrated with me in good. I lost my mother many years ago now, just as we were becoming very good friends, and so friendships have been extra special to me.

Thank you my dear friends for... caring enough to listen to me, speaking words of wisdom, taking time to keep in touch, your prayers, challenging me, speaking truth in love, making me laugh out loud, giving me hope and joy and peace, sharing from your heart and allowing me to do the same, helping me to realise that I'm never alone, telling me to be brave, believing in me...

Thank you, Father for doing all of the above and so much more.

The image is a favourite of mine by Paperbag Studios and paper is Daisy D's.

Oh, yes 'light'. I had quite a bit of trouble getting a decent photo of 'Friends' because my light fuse keeps blowing at home and my lighting consists of two lamps and candles - I wish I had an electrician for a friend!


hiddenart said...

I had a wonderful time reflecting on friendships and mentors with this challenge as well. It was so good.
I love what you've done. That is a great image.

Crystal said...

Really sweet.

Hazel said...

This is beautiful. Friends are indeed such a special gift from God. Thanks for sharing in the Salt challenge.

Scripture by Design said...

Ohh I like this :) Thanks for sharing:)

Sarosa said...

I knew I had to look at your blog when I saw your name on the SALT challenge the other day - my sister was "Sue Smith" before she married, and I have a sister-in-law who is Sue Smith. :-) I take the time then to comment, but now I have time to play online a bit - thanks for posting, I really love your work. You've now seen one of my weak attempts at it; I know I'll be coming back to glean from you! :-)

Gillian :O) said...

Oh Yay!!! Welcome to Salt Sue :)
what a lovely thing to find your name in the comments :)

and what a beautiful, beautiful creation, and Amen to Friends being a gracious gift from God :)

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Sue - I love this post (and the beautiful piece of art yyou have produced as well) - beautiful thoughts and so eloquently put. Wish I lived closer so that we could be more than long distance friends!!