Saturday, 1 March 2008

Last Minute Journey

Ohhhh, it's sooooo nice to make it to the weekend - and it's a looooonnnnngggg weekend at that! I've worked quite a bit the last few weekends, and I haven't been able to find much creative time at all - except for making things for school. I've had a creatively productive Saturday so far and have made my ORANGE ATC's to swap with my friends Melinda and Robyn. I've titled mine 'Last Minute Journey' because my ATC's are late (only by one day mind you), so I've also dated them 30th February just to be a bit cheeky! The butterfly is ARTchix Studio, Collections word cirlce along with fabric and ribbon.

'ORANGE' ATC's by Melinda Goad, Robyn Bumbak and myself

I've also managed to make two additional cards that will go with a set I made a while back for Take Ten. They contacted me recently to see if I could possibly make another two cards to go with the ones they already have - now I just hope they reach the US in time!

Some other very exciting news... it looks like I have a piece going into the gallery section of the next issue of Sew Somerset. I am sew excited about that!


Night Owl Designs said...

Great news about the mags Sue! I'm "sew" excited for you, LOL.

Debbi Baker said...

Fabulous news Susie!! And as Jhodi would say "Go Girl!!" - can't wait to see SS. PS Your ATCs are of course Susie scrumptious to the max!

sharon young said...

Great news,Sue, I'm so pleased for you.
Love the butterfly ATC, it's a lovely composition.

audrey h. said...

Sue...i thought I had your email address but can't find it :o( Big congrats on the publications. I am so happy for you and I can't wait to see your pieces. I know they will be awesome. Love your 'orange' atc here and your friends are great also :o)

Julie H said...

Oh Congratulation Sue! You are way overdue for the SS publication! that ATC is wonderful, texture, colour and yet still a simplicity of design.
If you ever feel like a swap let me know - we could do it over coffee!

Sue McGettigan said...

Lovely ATCs Sue - big congrats on the pubs!