Sunday, 11 October 2015

Exploration - Darkroom Door

Darkroom Door's Polka Dots texture stamp was the inspiration for this journal page.  Polka Dots is so striking when inked in black don't you think?!  
  1. Stamp 'polka dots' three times - first, second and third generation stamping on the lower section of vintage paper panel to add a variation in depth of colour.  I used paper from an encyclopedia.
  2. Find a black and white image of a person, trim it so that their eyes are the focal point.    Position this in place and stamp a 'top hat' above it.  Add a thin layer of white paint just below the face, when dry stamp 'airship'.  Add a touch of taupe paint to help blend the paint to the colour of vintage paper.
  3. Stamp 'New York sign' on plain vintage panel, trim to size and affix to work.  
  4. Layer work onto another piece of torn vintage paper, torn black scrapbooking paper and a thin layer of card (small than the other panels - to add strength to layers in preparation for machine stitching).  I added red ink to the torn black scrapbooking panel for contrast of colour.
  5. Add matching stitching to frame and make connections between the elements on the page.
  6. Stamp '31' using red ink, trim to size and add to work.  Affix postage stamp to the lower section of work. 
  7. Layer work onto sheet music, encyclopedia paper and cream card.  Stamp 'exploration', 'adventure' and 'small cog' twice to complete work.  
Darkroom Door products used:

Other supplies:
Vintage papers (encyclopedia, sheet music), cream card, black scrapbooking paper, ink - red and black, sewing machine, threads - red and orange, acrylic paint - white and taupe, postage stamp and double sided tape.

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