Monday, 18 July 2011

Homemade - Sewing Notions

'Homemade' by Sue Smith

I loved it when Mum used to sew me a new piece of clothing or knitted me a jumper and so the sentiment, 'Happiness is Homemade', rings true in my heart.  And now, of course, I love all things handmade, especially when I can stay home long enough to make them 'homemade'.

I really enjoyed embelling this card, especially the beading the trim!

This is one of Oxford Impressions newest rubber stamp plates - Sewing Notions.  I totally loved working with these stamps and still have many ideas I want to try out.  They are stunning images and work beautifully together.  They also combine really well with OI's other sewing themed plates, 'The Dressmaker' and 'Dress Forms and Corsetry'.

Well here's to a day spent at home... where happiness will be trully homemade!

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Anonymous said...

Susie you've done it again, more beautiful simply gorgeous. Hope your enjoying your break.