Monday, 15 December 2008

Sew Somerset and Day Three

The Winter '09 issue of Somerset Studio is now in print and I was really excited to see two pieces of my work in there! And it was 'extra special' because I am sharing each of the pages with two very creative friends of mine. 'Be Still' is a banner I made for my friend Joy, and it I'm sharing the lime light with a stunning piece created by Heather Wombacher. I also have a collaged card, 'Seamlessly Mode' which features some gorgeous Oxford Impressions stamps and on the same page is a wonderful mixed media piece by my lovely creative friend Debbi Baker! I think I may have taken photo's of these (for a change), so I'll hunt them down and post asap!

Now to Day Three!

Here's a Creative Crone made by the talented Ruth Kelly. I can't help but refer to this definition of a crone! By the end of a school year I'm feeling like a withered old woman, LOL! But having said that, one of my students mum's thought I looked about 10 years younger than I actually am today! So that made my day :)

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Larna Ezzy said...

Sue, congratulations on your article in Sew Somerset.
I am new to the blogging world and am loving the sites I'm visiting. I haven't viewed many Australia sites yet so thought I'd say hi from the Blue Mountains region of NSW.
I'm a crazy patchworker,embelisher.
Regards, Larna