Monday, 15 February 2016

Simply Stitch

Darkroom Door's Stitch Word Block stamp is FABULOUS!!!  This is the first time I've worked with a word block stamp and it was so much fun!

I stamped the image onto a vintage dressmaking pattern with a navy ink and used this as the centre point for the card.  All the papers are from the same dressmaking pattern and have been layered and hand stitched together.

I used the sentiment from Darkroom Door's stamp set 'Stamper' and altered it to say 'buttons' instead of stamps!  The word buttons along with the letter 's' were used from the word block stamp.

I have a huge collection of buttons, so it was wonderful to put some of them to use to embellish my work.

Here's a mini quilt I created.  First I stamped the word block stamp onto dressmaking tissue paper and added the Singer sewing machine from Darkroom Door's Dressmaker stamp set.  I then layered the stamped panel onto fabrics and embellished it with hand stitching and lace.

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