Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Bliss

'New Year Bliss'

And a VERY Happy and Blessed New Year to you! 

I had a wonderful night seeing in this new year with friends (usually I pike out and go to bed instead, but this time I was determined to stay up way past my bedtime and see this new year in).  What more could a girl want than great food, wonderful company and a good laugh playing a Wii game or two - I have sore muscles to prove it!!!  There was bubbly, sparklers and fireworks too!   

I have some very special things that I am looking forward to this year... new additions to the family, long service leave, travel and a newer car are big blessings I am really thankful and excited about.  I'm sure you'll hear more about all of these as the year progresses.

My New Year Bliss today was being able to start playing around with these gorgeous stamps from Paperbag Studios latest rubber stamp plate, 'Shine'.  I've been itching to try these out and they have been quite inspirational for me today! 

I'm hopeless at consistently keeping a journal and get a bit frustrated by them.  This year I thought I'd try a different approach.  I've collaged this work on a really big envelope and added a journal entry for today on an index card.  I'm planning to add thoughts and ideas to this envelope as the year progresses... shall see how it goes!

The envelope contained a really sweet and thoughtful card from my Dad and on the back of the envelope is printed 'For Arts Sake'... I found that by accident when I'd almost completed the collage - it just added to the bliss!

I've had an absolutely wonderful first day to the year... creative time, chats to some friends and a surprise visit from my adorable nephew, who requested a visit with me.  We watched Dumbo together and shared pizza with his family.  What a perfect, blissful, wonderful day!  So thankful for God's blessings for me this day!!!


Lynne Moncrieff said...

Happy New Year to you.
I hope your goals and wishes are fulfilled in this new year.
I can see why you were inspired and what a fabulous piece of art. I am sure you will share more art using this set.
Warmest Wishes

Jenny said...

Happy New Year Sue... love those stamps... and the journal entries on the envelope sound fabulous... today's collage is beautiful...
Best wishes for a wonderful 2012... may it be everything you want it to be... and more...

Jenny x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Glad you had a good time wIIIIIng
sorry bad pun!! I had a wonderful time as well great card!!!

Love Tania

Sharon said...

Sue your just awesome, this card is so pretty. Happy New Year to You.
Look forward to lots of fun at Papyrus this year, and even just popping in to say hi to you.
Bless you your a beautiful Lady.
Hugsnblessings Shaz