Thursday, 30 December 2010

Oxford Impressions - Dress Forms And Corsetry

'No. 2'

Whenever I look through my collection of buttons and other sewing treasures I find myself drifting back to times spent with Mum and both my Grandmothers as they stitched, knitted and created things for both the ordinary and extraordinary times in life.  Each of them talented, each of them passionate, each of them pursuing excellence in all that they made.  To my knowledge, I don't think any one of them had a mannequin to assist them whilst dressmaking, but I do wonder if they hoped for one. 

Perhaps those of us taking the undesirable role of  'mannequin' hoped all the more for one... oh, the irritation (and pain) of having to stand tall and remain still whilst the hem was being pinned...


But oh the joy of being able to spin and twirl and twist around in a new outfit made the process all the more bearable!


Like my mother, my grandmothers or myself, you may not yet own a mannequin.  But you can dream and play with these gorgeous ones from Oxford Impressions latest plate 'Dress Forms and Corsetry'.


Sandy Ang said...

Love the various ways you've included the dress forms on your gorgeous tags. Fashion is a great inspiration to my crafting and your work is fantastic !

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Wonderful tag, love the images.