Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sew Somerset Summer '09

I received the latest issue of Sew Somerset Summer '09 in the mail this past week. It's packed with gorgeous projects and is highly inspiring! I have four pieces in the gallery section. Here's photos of three of the pieces, taken in a mad hurry months ago, just before I got them in the post! I can't find a photo of the fourth... it's an ATC entitled 'Pilgrim'.

'Field Notes'
This is a notebook cover incorporating many of the images from Oxford Impressions plate 'Field Notes'.

These lovely buttons and trims were rescued from a friends rubbish bin. She just happened to mention to me that she'd had a big clean out of her sewing room. When I investigated what exactly had been thrown out, I was aghast, and insisted that when she got home she remove it all from her big wheelie bin and bring it to me. She couldn't understand how anyone would be interested in using old buttons - especially the ones that were nearly 100 years old!!! I'm now the blessed custodian of bags full of vintage sewing treasures!

So here's a big thank you to Kath, who was willing to dive into her wheelie bin - all for the sake of art!

My blogging friend Audrey also has a fabulous article, 'Door Belles', in this issue of Sew Somerset. She's created three gorgeous mixed media pieces centred around lovely door images.


Celeste Santin said...

These are great Sue. Congratulations. I decided not to buy Sew this time and sorry I didn't now.

Night Owl Designs said...

Congrats Sue! You're on a roll LOL

audrey h. said...

I immediately noticed your pieces in the mag. I am always drawn to your style. Congrats totally deserve it :)

Kim Hambric said...

Oh, how I would love to come across some beautiful old buttons? I might be able to see tossing out 4 inches of trim, but never a button. I would love to use them in my work, but I can never bring myself to use them up. It is much harder to part with a button than with money.

Love your work!